Dog Classes

Happy Friday! I’ve talked about my pups before, but recently they’ve been bad puppies so we decided to enroll them into Obedience classes. Unfortunately, I didn’t even think they were ready for obedience classes, and had to sign up for private lessons first.

When we would take them to the park they would become very fearful of large dogs. May normally goes off on her own and ignores everyone, she’s very independent like that. But Nuzz would get scared, trying to hang around our legs. He’d do okay though, until a big dog would come over and try and play with him. He’d give a few warning barks, saying he wants his personal space, but the playful pups wouldn’t leave him alone (which is totally normal!) And when they would get persistent he couldn’t handle it, then would bark and lunge and snap at other dogs.

Basically, once Nuzz reaches this level May would come and get barky and snap as well, we thought to protect Nuzz. Either way, it was bad behavior and needed to be addressed. The pups needed to learn they had nothing to fear with other dogs! So we made the decision to enroll in private lessons before obedience classes, since the obedience classes would have other dogs, and wasn’t sure how our puppies would do around them.

We’ve been to one private lesson so far and they brought out a black lab and a German Shepard, I was surprised how well the dogs did with the teacher’s instructions and commands. They eventually calmed down, and we moved onto leash training. The pups love to pull and lead the way, which is not good! That’s something we’ve had as homework and will be working on all this week until our next class. It’s pretty amazing how fast dogs do learn, within 15-20 minutes of practicing the first night at home, the puppies were starting to understand what we wanted.

My husband and I are both first time dog owners. And although we thought we had the dogs trained enough, we really hadn’t set any boundaries or rules for being on the leash or how to have confidence around new dogs. Luckily the dogs are still very young, and we have time to adjust their behavior!

Have any of you done private lessons or obedience classes for your dogs? Any bad habits your dog has that you had to get help on to break?

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Chlorophyll 3’s

When I first saw pictures of the Chlorophyll 3’s I wasn’t really that into them. They are a pretty neutral and subtle shoe. The soft gray, cream white, black accents and pops of green just didn’t seem that special to me. I thought they were a nice shoe, but one that I would pass on.

Around the time of the release I was able to get them under retail from Stock X. No I wasn’t planning on copping, but sometimes when the price is good it changes your mind! I did like that it was a good subtle shoe, nothing too flashy.

My favorite 3’s are the Black Cement 3’s. The quality is so good on them, the inside lining it really padded and soft. Unfortunately, it’s not the same with the Chlorophyll’s. After wearing them for a few hours I almost got a blister on my heel, the inside lining is a lot rougher, and not nearly is padded.

I will be keeping these kicks. It’s an easy colorway to rock and match with. But disappointed that the quality is so inconsistent, but can’t say I’m surprised. It’s the way with Jordan brand!

What do you guys think of this colorway? Underrated? Overrated? How do you think the quality compares to other 3’s?

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Makeup looks from last week!

Happy Monday! One week closer to Christmas, eek! How’s the Christmas shopping going for everyone?

The lighting here is not the best, but it’s the best I can do in my rushed mornings to work! For this look I used the Colourpop eyeshadow palette Double Entendre.

For this look I used the Sultry palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hoola bronzer by Benefit and Rah Rah blush from Tarte, which is part of their blush book released this year. I picked it up on Black Friday and am obsessed!

For this look I used Modern Ren. by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I stuck with more of the pink shades this time around. I love the palette cause you can go pinks, or oranges, or browns (and everything in between)!

For this last look I used the Tarte Toasted palette, Hoola bronzer by Benefit, Thrive liquid eyeliner, CoverFX Glitter Drops and Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Ophelia. It was the weekend so I threw on some fake lashes which I don’t normally do, it’s hard with glasses!

I don’t do anything too crazy with my makeup as I do work in an office, but for me having a different palette to play with each day and switch it up a bit is enough fun for me. How would you describe your everyday looks? Do you tone it down for work? How do you keep it interesting during the work week?

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Master Chef 👩‍🍳 And Cooking

Lately my husband and I have been obsessed with watching Master Chef! Thanks Hulu for having the past seasons too!

I really liked the judges line up of the most recent season, Gordon, Joe and Aaron. Aaron is probably my favorite. I feel like the feedback he gives when tasting is the most well rounded and helpful.

I’ve always been really into cooking shows. I like Hell’s Kitchen, the Great British Baking Show and more! Personally I do like to cook, so Master Chef is nice to watch, as they are all home cooks. Makes me think I can someday be really good! My favorite thing is honestly just watching what they do with Mystery Boxes, that creativity of coming up with dishes is what really inspires me. To me, it’s one of the hardest things when cooking, like what do I make with what I have?

What I would like to see in future seasons is a gluten free season. As someone that cannot eat gluten, this would be awesome to see. Where I live there are a lot of restaurants that are purely gluten free, or vegan, for example. To do seasons like this I think would be extra interesting. Plus there is not enough food out there that caters to the food allergy people! Or at least throw them a challenge or two with these people in mind, that would be interesting!

Are you guys into Master Chef or other cooking shows? Is it because you like to cook?

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Books Review 📚

Hello! This last month I actually read two books I’d like to talk about, part of a collection of 4 stories but I had already read the other two.

The first one is The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. I had never heard of this story or the author before, but I honestly really liked it! It had adventure, romance and history. The Scarlet Pimpernel is a mysterious crusader, one that rescues the rich of France from persecution and murder, and helps them to escape to England. The story centers around Marguerite, a socialite of England who gets dragged into finding who this Scarlet Pimpernel is. Meanwhile, she finds out her husband and her brother are in danger, if the Scarlet Pimpernel gets caught. At first she was helping to capture him, now she must foil the plan! I definitely recommend reading this book!

The second book I read was Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. I feel like this story has been told so much, in movies especially, so it wasn’t interesting to me in that regard, I knew the characters, his motives etc. The story read like other fables, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on if that’s what you’re into. Personally, I’m not a fan of this. I feel it’s too simplistic, not a lot of character development and lacks depth. But I guess fun to read in order to know the real story that has inspired so many other works.

Have you guys read anything interesting lately? What are you reading right now?

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Makeup Looks

Happy Monday! As usual here are some makeup Looks I did last week that I thought I’d share!

For this look I used a bunch of random eyeshadow singles I got from Ipsy. I actually cancelled my Ipsy subscription recently because I got tired of the sample sizes…not a huge fan of getting a bunch of single shadows (but still want to use them up!)

Another work bathroom selfie! I don’t get the glasses glare from the lighting here, yay! For this look I used the Grandiose palette by Ace Beaute from BoxyCharm! This was the first I heard of this brand and I like the formula of the shadows!

For this last look I used the Tartiest Pro palette, Colourpop Stick Foundation and Colourpop concealer. I’m really like the foundations from Colourpop, I feel like I’ve finally been able to correct the oxidation effect. Have any of you tried Colourpop foundation? What do you think?

Thanks so much for reading! I can not believe it’s December! Time for some fun holiday colors!


November Bark Box Review

This month’s bark box was AMAZING! It was the Grinch themed! If you don’t have a bark box subscription you can still buy toys through the bark shop website.

Here is what we received in our Bark Box. When I signed up, it was during the free extra toy promotion, so it typically only comes with two toys, two bags of treats and a chew!

The first toy was this present. It has a squeaky ball inside, with the gift tag saying “Don’t open until Bark Box Day”! This is a double toy, apparently once the dog rips through the outer present cloth, there is a coal squeaky toy inside! So cute!

This toy’s name was Nutty Stu, and I love how he has the antler tied to his head. He’s got a fuzzy squirrel tail which my dogs go crazy for!

The Grinch toy is so cute! I wanted to keep it for myself, maybe as desk decoration at work, but decided to let my dogs keep it. His arms are stretchy, so even if the dogs tug and try and get the gift; the Grinch is not letting go!

The Bark Box also came with the iconic antler that the Grinch’s dog Max wears. It was so cute! Here May is wearing it, and she sadly looks at me hoping I don’t make her pull a sleigh of stolen toys as Max does! It didn’t stay on her head long as my other dog Nuzz loves to chew on it! So cute for photos though!

These were the treats and chew included in the box. I love how the treats say “Roast Beast” like from the movie! My dogs loved both treats and finished the burger chew pretty quickly!

What do you think of this month’s theme? Are any of you into the Grinch?

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Movie Blog

Recently my husband and I watched the Marvel film, “Ant Man and the Wasp”. Have any of you guys seen this movie? What did you think of it?

I really liked the first Ant-Man movie. I thought Paul Rudd was perfect casting, he added the humor to the scenes that made the film fun. It’s definitely a super hero I feel you can’t really take seriously, I mean ant powers? Also the premise of him becoming Ant-Man, it basically started with him breaking into a house, which is a unique origin story compared to some others.

I was excited for this movie to bring that same level of humor and action, and interested to see what the Wasp character would bring. A super hero duo is something Marvel hasn’t done much in films, so I was interested to see what the dynamic would be.

I will say that Ant-Man totally lives up to the humor ridden action scenes, which I love! It also cuts through some cliche tense scenes with a bit of humor too which I enjoyed (like when Ant-Man’s daughter is texting and calling when they got captured). Plus Luis never disappoints! I’m glad he was part of some pivotal action scenes.

Parts I didn’t really like were the villains, or the bad guys. I liked how there were numerous factors going on, to where you weren’t sure what might end up tripping them up or spoiling their plans. I mean their was Ghost, the FBI and Sonny Burch. However, I didn’t think Ghost was a good “villain”. To me, she ended up just being more annoying than anything else. I get her motives, but wouldn’t it be in her best interest to just work with Pym? I didn’t understand how she wanted to extract quantum energy from Pym’s wife, the Wasp, yet was she planning on diving in there to get her, like Pym did? It seemed her plan wasn’t well thought out, I didn’t understand how she really planned to achieve this. And Sonny Burch? Although he added to the action scenes, it just seemed so insignificant as a bad guy. I mean, how could he stand a chance against Ant-Man, the Wasp and Ghost? I think what makes a good bad guy is the feeling of, will they win? Will they kill (a key character)? But with this bad guy it was like all they could do was just slow them down, which was part of the problem since the rescue was time sensitive…but didn’t add to any suspense in my opinion.

The ending scene after the credits was important as well. It showed why Ant Man wasn’t in Avengers: Infinity Wars, but more annoyingly was since he was left in the quantum realm, to me it seems he won’t be in the next Avengers movie either…which is lame!

It’s definitely a fun laugh out loud movie, and worth watching if you’re into Marvel movies and liked the first one as well! Not one of my favorites, and not one I would watching again, but entertaining for sure. What did you guys think of the movie? And the ending credits scene? What do you think it means?

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Last week makeup looks!

Happy Monday! The last Monday in November! How’s the Cyber Monday shopping coming along? I am all shopped out! Here were some of my makeup looks from this last week:

Eyeshadow: Shade and Light by Kat Von D

Blush: It Girl by Morphe

Highlighter: Wish by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eyeshadow: Plum Pleasures by Morphe

Blush: Free by Morphe

Highlighter: Unicorn by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eyeshadow: You Had Me at Hello by Colourpop

Eyeshadow: Soft Glam by Anastasia Beverly Hills

This was my Thanksgiving Day look! 🦃

Eyeshadow: I Think I Love You by Colourpop

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving last week! Did you do any special look for Turkey Day? Do you guys have a favorite eyeshadow palette to use this time of year?

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