Intermittent Fasting Part 1

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share a little about me, and talk about an eating habit I entail Monday-Friday! It’s called Intermittent Fasting, and it has been a game changer to my life!

I’ll give a brief overview of two years ago, when I suddenly became intolerant to gluten. I started experiencing symptoms, not really knowing the cause. It wasn’t until the symptoms got worse that I tried the elimination diet, and realized it was gluten. I was extremely sensitive to it. Even one bite of a cracker or bread product would get me sick anywhere from 1-3 days.

Over the years I began to learn more about my intolerance. As someone who loves pizza and pasta I was heartbroken at the thought I’d never be able to eat it again! I went a full year not touching gluten at all. Completely gluten free. A year later, I said, forget it! I want a sandwich and I’m going to eat it! And I was completely fine, no symptoms!

I didn’t really understand why, I thought it was something I’d always have to deal with and never be able to eat again. So, my first thought was, well I’m fine now! Guess I can eat as much gluten as I want! That lasted for a little while until the symptoms started coming back. But I realized if I went without gluten long enough I’d be able to eat it, but for how long? And how much gluten could I then eat? Like I said, symptoms sometimes lasted 1-3 days after I ate it.

My dad had been doing intermittent fasting for long time. If you google it, you’ll come up with all kinds of different types, schedules of when to eat and what to eat etc. basically it’s more of a schedule of eating versus an actual diet.

Intermittent fasting, is as the name implies, fasting for intervals of time throughout the day. It has been proven to reduce bloating, inflammation, boost metabolism, and keep weight off/loose weight. I encourage you to google it, if you are all at interested in it, as my intermittent fasting schedule is just that, it’s something I came up with that has worked for me and my body, and doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.

It took probably a month to build up to where I’m at today. But I started with little steps. A common practice is to not eating anything until 11 am. Beverages are okay, water, tea, coffee, but nothing overly sugary or milky is best. Once I had mastered that, after lunch I would not eat anything until dinner time. I could eat whatever I wanted during the day (at times I was allowed to eat) as long as it was gluten free. Same rules for dinner, anything as long as it was gluten free. This was my M-F routine. On the weekends it was basically Friday evenings and Saturday were gluten days! I could eat whatever I wanted. Sunday I stayed gluten free, because I didn’t want to experience symptoms on Monday.

I started noticing my sensitivity to gluten decrease to basically nothing. I do take charcoal pills to aid in digestion if food seems a little overloaded with gluten (like pizza or cake). And when I did experience some symptoms, it was minimal compared to how it was before.

I’ll continue my intermittent fasting journey in Part 2! Let me know if there are any aspects of this you’d like me to expand on! Have you heard of intermittent fasting? What do you think of it?

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Picture was of a yummy gluten free and vegan waffle!


Northanger Abbey Book Review

Northanger Abbey follows the life of Catherine, as she goes to stay with some friends in Bath. There she is alighted to a new world of events and balls, and makes a dear friend named Isabella, and her brother who is fond of Catherine, whose company Catherine can’t seem to stand. One night at a ball, she dances with a Mr. Henry Tilney, someone who respects her and likewise Catherine wants to know more of. She runs into Mr. Tilney’s sister, Eleanor, and the two become fast friends. From there she is happily in the company of Mr. Tilney more often, and Eleanor loves having her around, so much so she invites her to stay at Northanger Abbey with them. Catherine is enchanted by the mytery of the place, and the mysterious death of Mrs. Tilney herself. Are her fantasies real? Or is her imagination causing trouble to her two new friends?

I really enjoyed this book all throughout. I loved all the characters in it, they all felt so real and their personalities so vivid. I espeically liked Cathrine, she is shy at first, and sort of comes into her own confidence as the Thorpe’s try and push her into doing things she doesn’t want to do, or speak for her intentions that are not her own. She also has such anxiety, as she so much wants to be friends with the Tilney’s, that I found so relatable even to this day. She gets a bit paranoid of what they think of her, or the impression she makes on them. When she is at Northanger Abbey, she becomes even more paranoid, and almost offends her hosts. I really liked this part, it  was such a shift from her really wanting their attentions, to thinking some dark and evil things may have happaned in their home. Catherine reminded me a bit of myself in this point, eagerly conjuring up dark stories that end up only to scare herself. 
This book was first published in 1818, and I love stories from that time, especially Jane Austen’s work. She is a wonderful author, and so great at capturing women characters in all their wit and strength. I also find it so interesting how relatable stories from that time period can be to modern day. It goes to show that people are generally the same throughout time! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially if you are a fan of books like Vanity Fair and Tv show’s like Downtown Abbey. I think this would make a great show and would be surprised if there wasn’t a show already, anyone know if there is? 
What do you think of this book? Are you a fan of Jane Austen’s stories? Comment below, let’s talk books!
Thanks for reading!

Makeup looks from last week!

Hello all! How was everyone’s weekend? Hope you had a great time celebrating mom, I know I did! Here are some makeup looks from last week!!

In this look I used Shade and Light eyeshadow palette by Kat Von D, Ginger blush and Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Bronzed highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

For this look I used Soft Glam eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Miami blush by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Summer highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Dead Roses lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

In this look I used Subculture eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Spirit Fingers blush by Tarte and Tourmaline highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! I’m looking forward to getting eyelash extensions this weekend for an upcoming trip! Any special beauty tricks or tips you know for vacations to hot places?

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Darken the Stars Review

In the final book of the Kricket series, we find Kricket in the clutches of Kyon, given up in exchange for her powerful sister, and in hopes that she will become a spy for the resistance of New Amster, led by her father, who deserted her, and all her friends of what once was Rafe. Mastering her abilities, she finds out the real wishes of New Amster is more for her to carry out their plan and sacrifice herself or they will end up killing her. At the same time she must deal with living with Kyon, who she has always seen as a ruthless savage, who she realizes she has more in common with then she realized. Can Kricket save Ethar and herself? Or is she doomed to die?

Of all the three books this was by far my favorite of all of them. I had mentioned before, in the other two books, a large part of the stories was meeting Trey and falling for him, and I never really understood what she saw in him or him in her, other than them both being good looking, it made no sense to me. In this story, being trapped with Kyon, left a lot more interesting tension. Kyon understands her, understands her gifts and abilities, and its something they can talk about and share. He is also ruthless, and Kricket at times has referred to herself in the same way. I found it interesting that with Trey, he was like the heart of gold soldier, and she wanted to be like him, but in reality she was more like Kyon, willing to do whatever it takes to save herself, if it came down to it. It seemed to me she was falling for Kyon, and I can’t say I wasn’t rooting for that.
My same gripes with the last two stories are the same here. I understand the tension between Kyon and Kricket, it really didn’t need situations where she was helpless or half naked, and he was there to warm her or carry her to safety. It seemed so forced. And Kricket’s obvious obsession with Kyon’s muscluar body and face were annoying to read. Of course there would be sexual energy, because apparently both characters couldn’t be fully dressed when around each other? Made no sense to me. There was also a part where Kricket beats up a couple priestesses that are acting like bullies. I understand the scene was meant to showcase that Kricket is fearless, but the whole exchange felt very high school to me, and took a way a bit from the overall science fiction tone of the story. I just didn’t buy it. 
Her being able to hone in on her abilities really kept it more interesting; She was able to see what was going on with Trey, who was helping fight the resistence. But honestly it seemed like she really didn’t love him. Her focus more became trying to kill Excelsior, adding to my theory that she really didn’t love Trey all that much. But the ending makes it seem like she did? Sort of confusing. Kricket plans a lot more in this book, plans her own attacks and her own next steps, and I liked that a lot more. When she was working with the Cavars and Trey it was like she was in a group, and Kricket really shines as a character in her toughness when she is on her own. 
Would I read this book again? No. It was again, my favorite of the series, but not worth reading again.
Would I reccommend this book? Honestly no. It was decent but the series in a whole wasn’t that stand out to me to recommend to people.
Would I watch the TVor movie version? No probably not. Too many points where it is cheesy. The science fiction aspect of it is cool and interesting enough to where I think it would make a worthwhile show/movie. Just not one I would watch.
Thanks for reading!

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Makeup looks from last week!

Happy Tuesday! I’ve decided to do only two posts a week, Tuesday and Thursday. With a full time job, full time school, and a recent writing schedule I’ve put myself on (got to make time for the dream!) it’s been hard to keep up with things!

I don’t have many looks from last week, as something ended up irritating my eyelid and caused one to swell a bit. I’m not sure if it’s the eyeliner I used or the lash serum, so I took it a little easy on the makeup this past week.

For this look I used Oh Boy eyeshadow palette by Morphe, Authentic blush by Tarte, Thrive Causemetics liquid eyeliner and Ethereal highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills. And you can see the top portion of my dachshund T-shirt! ☺️

In this look I used Yes Please eyeshadow palette by Colourpop, Beaming blush by Tarte and Worthy highlighter by Tarte.

Now to spend the week thinking of where to take mom for Mother’s Day! Any suggestions?

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Lip Gloss, how I really feel

After years of trying to get into lip gloss it’s time I face the truth. I can’t stand them! I have tried so many times to wear it and I think it’s time I just give up!

To me most lipglosses just feel sticky! It makes me not want to kiss my pups on the heads, because of the sticky residue left behind. Not to mention I feel like I’m applying plastic mixed with glue on my lips. I can’t get past the texture!

Is there any makeup product you just cannot get into? Is there a product where just something about it rubs you the wrong way?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


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Sea of Stars Book Review ⭐️⭐️/5

Sea of Stars is Book 2 in The Kricket Series. Taking off where the first one left off, Kricket is in the middle of a war zone as the Alameeda and Rafe are at war. Using her gifts to see the future, she tries desperately to save herself, the one she loves, Trey, and her Cavars, a group of soldiers set to protect her. But the Alameeda are strong and smart, and Kricket must stay on her toes while keeping on the run. The Alameeda don’t want to kill her, but they have no problem killing everyone around her.

This book started out super action-packed. They are basically on this floating military base city, as it is crumbling apart from the Alameeda attacks. Kricket is smart and uses her gifts, and new charactes are shown through her out of body experience. But the war zone reaches a plateau, as the action becomes repetitive. Basically Kricket keeps getting captured by Kyon, Trey saves her, Kyon gets her, Trey saves her-no joke it happens like three times! It was extremely tiring and not at all interesting to read. Plus Trey does some things to save her that really make no sense. Like he rides a guy with a jetpack like a surf board…it makes no sense at all.
After they escape, they are on the run. And thinking Kricket would be traumatized or want to train (there is some training) instead she’s like falling for Trey and having a lot of intimate interactions with him. Like a lot. It really seemed like they forgot all that happened and the danger they were in and only focused on banging each other. It made no sense to me. And I lost a lot of interest in the book through the middle. It was uneventful. It started picking up towards the end, and right when it gets interesting again it ends.
I honestly still do not understand the connecion between Trey and Kricket. I know she mentions his abs, and he says how beautiful she is, but other than that what is their attraction? Trey even refers to Kricket as a mystery, like he doesn’t fully know her, yet he keeps expressing his unconditional love for her. Huh? Plus Kricket has never been in a relationship before, and she expresses the same things to him too. It made no sense to me at all.
On top of that, she often describes how hot other guys are, to where I wonder if she maybe likes them too? It might haved been more interesting if she didn’t choose Trey so soon, but tried to get to know him more. Along with that maybe explore more into these other guys she seems attracked too. Like Kyon, who wants her for himself, who she has imagined what life would be like with him. And at moments seemd like she liked him. If it was more of a decision she was trying to make would be interesting, but instead it’s like she’s fantasizing life with other men; makes no sense when she says how in love with Trey she is.
There’s only one book left and I will read it, just to finish the series. It’s been okay for me. I think Kricket’s gifts and the fact its on an alien planet is the only thing keeping my interested. Kricket’s personality is starting to get tired as well. I would not recommend this series to anyone, and if it was made into a show or movie I would probably not watch it. Usually the second books drag me deeper into the series but this one pushed me out, making me want to stop reading it altogether!

Thanks for reading!


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Makeup looks from last week!

The last week of April is here! And I’m so happy about it! I have a lot of fun things planned for May, and I’m so happy it’s here! Here are some makeup looks from last week!

I used Naked 2 eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay, desert blush by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and day dream highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Featuring new glasses 👓 I used She eyeshadow palette by Colourpop, exhilarating blush by tarte and forever lit highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

For this look I used Riveria eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, angelic blush by tarte, and Colourpop no filter concealer in medium 20.

In this last look I used Sultry eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, fortunate blush by tarte and glow getter highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Are there any specific eyeshadow colors you’ll be rocking this spring? I’m always a sucker for pinks and purples! I feel I need to be brave and branch out to blues eventually too!

Thanks for reading!


Bark box review

Happy Friday! I know my pups are happy today because we received their bark box! Here’s what it contained this month:

So the theme was Shakespeare, and I was so excited for this! There is usually a card inserted with an interactive element and a list of possible toys. As soon as I saw the list I hoped I’d get the lute! Makes me think of the drunken lute player from Sleeping Beauty! Isn’t it so cute??

This toy is in reference to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is one I am not familiar with (go figure!) so if anyone knows what this toy is derived from I’d love to know!

And then we got this star…which is not part of the theme it’s part of the “lights camera bark” theme. I honestly probably wouldn’t mind receiving a toy out of theme, but this toy just seems like a dud, it crinkles and is rather large. I have two small dogs so I’m not sure how they’ll take it. They usually don’t go for toys bigger then their heads…

And here’s all the yummy treats they got! My girl doesn’t really care for toys but loves chews so we had the box adapted to fit their needs. Bark box is so awesome with that!

It also came with this Ruff collar, and here is May trying to look cute as Nuzz tries to rip it off her 😂

What did you think of this month’s theme?

Thanks for reading!


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